Pink Rose Flower intimacy.
Anonymous: So the guy that broke my heart & fucked me up so badly that I don't want to have a boyfriend because I scared to get hurt again, JUST FUCKING TEXTED ME LAST NIGHT!! I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I swear his my kryptonite !!!! I just don't want BS & feeling empty when he leaves again.. Btw the way, he use to tell me to send him pictures of myself, later I found out he would masturbate them 😳

Text him “fuck you lil bitch” or something along the lines of that. You don’t need to deal with his shit.

Anonymous: So I've been in a ldr for over 3 months and I'm as happy as can be except the fact that I have a brother who will NOT leave me alone whenever I try to have "alone" time with my bf. my dad doesn't agree with my relationship and isn't on my side whenever my brother bugs me and I have no idea what to do. I'm so frustrated. I just recently moved out of my moms house to get sort of away from my mom and brother for more freedom. Any ideas?

I am so bad at giving advice ummm ignore them? Tell that you can make decisions for yourself?? Honestly idk I’m so sorry I don’t know anything about how life works